We offer the service of arranging everything for you, from A to Z. To facilitate the best quality of service and ultimate care of your cargo, we are providing a few requirements and procedures for you to follow:

In case you choose to handle your cargo documentation yourself, here are some of the following steps you can follow:

When EXPORTING goods:

Proper marking and labeling of all the boxes, crates, skids etc., with your consignee’s name and overseas destination. It is very important to write down the following information of the consignee:

• Name
• Address
• Telephone Number
• Destination
• Proper Documentation is required for all shipments
• Invoice and if possible the packing list
• Shippers Export Declaration (if applicable)
• Bill of Lading
• Banking Documentation (if applicable)
• Cut-off Times are provided for all destinations, special arrangements can be made by contacting
our office.
• Copies of all documentation are forwarded to our agents via email or courier. On receipt of said
documents, the agent will notify the consignee, making arrangements for customs clearance and
delivery or pick up of goods.